OpenIddict 4.0 general availability

Two years after OpenIddict's last release, I'm very pleased to announce that 4.0 is now generally available! 🎉

What's new?

While both the server and validation stacks include many internal improvements (some of them were described in OpenIddict 4.0 preview1 is out), the most visible change of this release is the addition of the new client stack and its 17 web providers that aim at offering an alternative to the aspnet-contrib providers (additional services will be added in future versions of OpenIddict):

Provider name
Amazon CognitoPro Santé Connect
Microsoft Accounts/Azure ADYahoo

If you're interested in learning more about the new OpenIddict client, don't miss these blog posts:

To see the OpenIddict client in action, you can give the OpenIddict samples a try, as most of them have been updated to use it.


While OpenIddict 4.0 comes with some breaking changes, the migration process should be fairly easy. To help users with this process, an OpenIddict 4.0 migration guide was added to the documentation.

OpenIddict 4.0 is fully compatible with ASP.NET Core 2.1 (on .NET Framework), ASP.NET Core 3.1, ASP.NET Core 6.0 and ASP.NET Core 7.0, so the migration can be done without having to upgrade to the latest .NET runtime/ASP.NET Core version.


With OpenIddict 4.0 being now generally available, the previous version, OpenIddict 3.0, stops being supported and won't receive bug fixes or security updates. It is recommended to migrate to OpenIddict 4.0 to continue receiving bug and security fixes.


As always, a new major release is a great opportunity to thank all the sponsors who have helped keep OpenIddict free for everyone. Every contribution counts – of course! – but I'd like to dedicate this release to 3 sponsors in particular, who have a special place in my heart:

  • Volosoft: it might sound surprising, but Volosoft is the first and only company that has spontaneously offered to sponsor the project while evaluating OpenIddict as a replacement for IdentityServer4 in their (very!) popular ABP Framework project. Without Volosoft's incredible support, it's very likely the project would no longer be as active as it today (or even free for everyone).

  • Dovydas Navickas: Dovydas is one of the very first OpenIddict sponsors. Even though he stopped using OpenIddict after a big career change some time ago, Dovydas decided to keep sponsoring the project! This level of support is truly amazing so thank you very much Dovydas!

  • Jasmin Savard: Jasmin doesn't use OpenIddict but decided to give away a significant part of the sponsorship he receives as one of the most important Orchard Core contributors to keep OpenIddict free for everyone else. No need to say this dedication leaves me absolutely speechless!

I hope you'll love OpenIddict 4.0 as much as I enjoyed working on it.

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄 🎁